Who is mario cuomo dating

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He co-anchored 20/20 for ABC covering burning issues such as heroin addiction, Haiti earthquake, child custody, bullying, homeless teens and many others.

From 2006-09, he operated as news reader of Good Morning America and reported national and international breaking news which included national issues like shooting at Virginia Tech Fort Hood, Pennsylvania Amish School etc.

He also reported the International concerns such as the war on terrorism in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

He hosted a spiritual program, The Real Deal and Focus on Faith for the channel and also appeared on ABC News Now with Father Edward Beck.

Though he is from a renowned family of governors, he has gained everything with his hard work, talent and dedication.

He enrolled at The Albany Academy in Albany, New York, as well as Yale University for his under graduation and got Juris Doctor from Fordham University. Cuomo was among popular bachelor in 90s who was proposed by a lot of women.

Kennedy was rattled by how her fiance began planning their wedding like it was a political campaign — and her kin were “astonished” when Cuomo ruled the reception would have none of the “irreverent” toasts they traditionally enjoyed, according to “The Contender.” Although enamored of his Kennedy connection — and unafraid to capitalize on it to get press — Cuomo “hated” the legendary family get-togethers at the Kennedy’s Hyannis compound and stopped going entirely at one point, Shnayerson writes.

The author quotes a member of the clan, Douglas Kennedy, describing Cuomo as “looking disgusted” as the Kennedys gloried in a night of singing in which he refused to take part.

He posseses attractive height of 6 feet 2 inches followed by the weight of 93 kilos.

He keeps his beard clean shaved and his hair color.

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